About Beezu

Hi! I’m Elise. I was born and raised in Normandy, France. I was perfectly happy frolicking in the fields until I turned 20 and moved to Paris for a few years, to study fashion business and discovered what it was to be a “city girl”. I ended up in London, UK, where I worked as a digital content editor and where I also met my other half and Southerner Ben. (he’s also the one who gave me that silly nickname “Beezu”, in reference to “Bisou”, “Kiss” in english)

Now I’m back in France, I work from home (still as a digital content editor, only freelance) and blog wherever I can get some wifi, between Rouen, Paris and Atlanta, Georgia (where the American boyfriend lives, shout out to everyone in long distance relationships!).


I am addicted to all things Harry Potter and Disney

I love a party but can be quite the homebody

I can be perfectly happy eating cakes and pizzas all day

Pinterest and Instagram are the reason why I procrastinate for hours


Thanks for coming here and hope you enjoy it!