From Rouen to Nashville: my favorite spots I’ve been to in 2017

I’ve always been a little happier when travelling. I mean I know everyone loves to travel but I’ve got to admit I get bored easily if I stay at the same place for hours. I always have to be on the move, even if it’s just going downtown to grab a cup of coffee. As Ben says “A beezu is always happy when going places”. And guys, to my own surprise, I’ve travelled quite a lot this past year! I guess having a boyfriend in a touring band and being a freelancer helps a lot ! Here’s a little list of all the places I’ve loved this year :

New Orleans, Louisiana

My good friend Katie and I went on a last-minute trip to NoLa at the beginning of November, and we both loved it ! If (like me) you’re a fan of spooky atmosphere and witchcraft, colorful houses, all-day drinking and sweet beignets, New Orleans is for you. We stayed nearby the French Quarter but I already can’t wait to go back and discover the surrounding areas. When in Nola, check out the Voodoo Museum, Café du Monde and the Museum of Death (if you’re into creepy yet interesting stuff about prisons, death and famous serial killers)



I have 2 words to describe Lyon : Bright and hot. Bloody hell was it hot ! I mean it doesn’t help that I live in Normandy (aka the rainiest place in France) and that we visited during a literal heat wave… As it turns out, Lyon is perfect for the ‘gram (is it still acceptable to say this in 2018 ?). We loved strolling through the colorful streets and stairs of the Croix-Rousse district (get your walking shoes on !). Don’t miss the breathtaking views on top of Notre Dame de Fourvière, it is so worth it, even in the 40 degrees heat !


Aloha Café, Paris

I’ve already praised this cute little coffee place in my breakfast post but it is really one of my fav address in Paris. One of my best friends (Barbara) is the amazing chef behind the delicious brunch, cakes, quiches, salads and more. It is perfect for a quick lunch or for a nice and quiet place to work with your laptop. Also the palm trees and coffee cups are just too adorable to pass. Don’t leave without a homemade cookie or shortbread biscuit, they are truly the bests in town !


Saucette, Paris

Ok, I might be a little biased on this one. I’ve been working with Saucette over a year now, helping them with their social media and photos, and trust me, these guys know how to make a sausage sexy and fun again. How? They mix borderline humor (I stil need one of these hilarious prints at home) with delicious sausages and sides (You NEED to try their mash potato, DE-LISH). Vegetarian? You can have more than a salad and get your “sausage” too, with a “Las Veggie Parano”, their new vegetarian sausage.


Baltimore, Maryland


Last Fall, I’ve followed Ben to Baltimore, where he met his bandmates for an acoustic show. It was a short visit, but I’ve managed to see a little bit of this fun town. As you can guess, I’ve basically had time to eat in cool places and discover the coolest bars of “Bmore”: a tiny Italian restaurant with the best pizzas, underground bars and Nandos… (don’t judge me, I’ve missed my Cheeky Nandos SO BAD)


San Diego, California


I’ve already talked about San Diego on my first post but I just had to mention this city again. Everyone raves about LA (says the girl who hasn’t been there yet) but I definitely believe SD should be on your list if you’re traveling to California. I can honestly still taste the many tacos and Margaritas we’ve had there.


House of Minalima, London

As a real Potterhead, I was so chuffed to discover this little gem of a museum, dedicated exclusively to the magical world of Harry Potter. Located in the middle of Soho, and full of prints and artefacts from the films and books, I’ve loved every single rooms of this wonderful 3-story house. It’s a must-see if you’re crazy about all things Hogwarts like I am.


Nashville, Tennesse

Ben’s guitarist living in Nashville, we sometimes have to drive there so they can play and I love to tag along when I can, because Nashville is such a special city. Everyone I’ve met there is either a musician or some kind of artist, which is really inspiring. We always go to the coolest bars and restaurants in the East-side area to get some good old souther food. My favorites ? Fried chicken and waffle at Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven and pulled pork in the best barbecue, Edley’s Bar-B-Que.


Bubblicious, Rouen

In the past couple of years, a lot of cool spots started to pop out throughout my hometown. From local food markets, to cute decor shops, to not-your-basic hairstylist and modern bars, Rouen is truly renewing itself (it was about time !). Enter Bubblicious, the latest bubble tea bar and one of my favorite place for a sweat treat. The ladies that own the salon are the cutest, and special mention for their candy tables : just adorable !

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