Breakfast food is the best food

If you know me well, you’ve probably shared a few breakfasts and brunch with me. I take my breakfast food very seriously and there’s nothing I love more than discovering a new brunch place. Sweet or savory, healthy or not, I love them all. From Paris to Atlanta, here’s all the cool places to eat a delicious breakfast.

  • Le Café Méricourt – Paris, France

Minimalist design, iced teas, breakfast burritos and basil pancakes with lemon ricotta and fresh berries, this new coffee shop in the lovely rue Folie Méricourt is perfect for a complete and healthy brunch.

My friend Claire and I tried it before spending our Sunday at a music festival. We needed a good filling breakfast before a day of fries, ice cream and beers! The food at Café Méricourt hits all the right spots. It was so delicious that we even shared a fruit bircher with almonds, oats and fresh abricots. Yummy!



Le Café Méricourt – 22 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 


  • Le Desjeuneur – Lyon, France

Whilst visiting friends in Lyon, I couldn’t wait to try this newly-opened brunch place, in the heart of La Croix Rousse. I instantly fell in love with the vintage mismatched furniture, the fresh-cut flowers on every tables and the cute menus. Go there if you’re super hungry (which is always the case when I go somewhere for breakfast ha!). My friends and I opted for the full brunch experience: delicious homemade granola, baguettes with butter and a selection of homemade jams, fresh-pressed orange juice, iced tea and the oh-so delicious pancakes with 2 slices of bacon, fried eggs with a good splash of maple syrup. Oh boy, it was truly incredible. We took a long nice walk in Lyon to digest it all and I regretted nothing.

Le Desjeuneur – 3 rue des Pierres Plantées, Lyon 

  • Aloha Café – Paris

If you’re a lover of palm trees, pastel colors, good coffee and delicious fresh food (made by best pal Barbara), you’re in for a TREAT. Aloha Café was my little safe place to eat and work at the same time when I spent a few weeks in Paris. Located near the Pigalle district, you won’t be disappointed by the friendliest staff in town and the best good-for-you brunch. Start with a fresh fruits granola bowl and scones, a hot drink of your choice (coffees are delish and perfect for a quick instagram snap) and follow with a grilled cheese or avocado toast, served with an in-season salad. Finish with dessert: brownie, cookie, sweet scone or a slice of cake. And trust me, chef Barbara knows what’s up with cakes. (here’s her lovely instagram page for the lover of all things sweet). Brunch are only available on Sundays, but you can still have a really good lunch there Tuesday to Friday.

Aloha Café – 32, rue Pierre Fontaine, Paris

  • Reveille Cafe – Marietta, Georgia

Reveille Cafe is one of Ben and I favorite local places to eat. I pretty much always ask that we eat there on Tuesdays (for their legendary eggs Benedict, cheapest on Tuesdays) when I’m in town. It’s that no-fuss, good food, good coffee (and iced tea) american place with a super nice college staff. From delicious omelets to waffles and smoke gouda grits (a Southern’s favorite), Reveille Café (or Rev-uh-lee, as the Southerners like to pronounce it) is the perfect place for a mid-week brunch. Bonus: you can refill your coffee for free!

Reveille Cafe – 2960 Shallowford Rd, Marietta, GA

Are you hungry for breakfast yet? I am…


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