7 reasons to go to San Diego

When you think about California, you automatically picture Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, the Kardashians… (okay maybe that’s just me). But there’s more than Venice and the glitz and glam on the West Coast! Have you ever thought about stopping to San Diego, almost at the border with Mexico? Well, we did! Ben and I took a little trip to SD for a couple of days, and we loved it. Here’s why you should stop to San Diego on your next Californian road trip:


  1. Just like every town in Cali, you’ll find palm trees, succulents and cacti everywhere. I was in awe and also a bit jealous we don’t get to grow as many in my cold Normandy… 
  2. You can satisfy your tacos and other Mexican food’s cravings. We found the best taqueria in North Park, at City Tacos. You can enjoy fresh and tasty tacos, just for a few dollars.
  3. Walk around North Park, the coolest part of town and take pictures of all the colorful murals. Enjoy a matcha iced-tea from Holy Matcha, the cutest tea place you’ll ever see. Shop in Aloha Beach Club, a super cool made in San Diego clothing brand. Or spend all your money in succulents and home decor stuff at Pigment (or basically the store of my dreams).
  4. Wander in Balboa Park and admire the giant palm trees and Mexican architecture. I loved the green house they had there: from succulents, to orchids and other plants whose names I forgot, it is an absolute dream for the lover of all things green.
  5. Spend a day at the San Diego Zoo (yes a day, it is massive). Pandas, elephants, polar bears, hippos, koalas… you name it, they have it! They’re not joking when they say it’s the biggest zoo in the world. They have shuttles and even sky pods to get you from a point to another. I mean, our feet were killing us at the end of the day but it was definitely worth it.
  6. Drink all the margaritas! Go out during happy hour! (it usually means you can get two for one… whoops!)
  7. Drive to La Jolla for the day. Located right on the coast and only a 20-min drive from San Diego city center, La Jolla is the cutest beach town. I was actually mesmerized by the sea lions, just hanging out on the beach, not bothered at all with all the tourists trying to take pictures of them. To cool off, stop by Bobboi Natural Gelato for some delicious organic ice cream, you’ll be surprised by the thousand flavors this place features. Finally, when the sun goes down, it’s time for drinks and appetizers at the most stylish bar in town, with a gorgeous ocean view, George’s Ocean Terrace.

And as our favorite anchorman would say: You stay classy, San Diego! 

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